How to get a residence permit in Portugal?

How to get a residence permit in Portugal?

Living by the ocean, being surrounded by breathtaking nature, and doing business in a comfortable environment are all part of a dream that is quite feasible. Portugal is a perfect country for relocation and remote work. 
The cultural life here is also quite vibrant. You can go to festivals and fairs at least every day. There are fortresses, castles, lots of bright and rich colors. Maybe that's why the locals are so sunny and live in a measured vibe of enjoying life. 

Option 1: D7 visa for financially independent individuals. 

To get a D7 visa, you need to confirm your income (from 705€) and the ability to support yourself and your family.

The D7 visa does not grant the right to work officially in Portugal, but if the applicant later receives a residence permit, this restriction will be lifted. 
A visa for wealthy individuals can be obtained by foreigners who receive a pension of at least € 705, as well as church ministers sent to religious institutions in Portugal.

Stages of obtaining a residence permit for financially independent individuals:

  1. Registration with the Portuguese Tax Inspection Authority, obtaining an NIF number.
  2. Buying or renting a housing.
  3. Submission of the documents to the Portuguese Consulate in the country of origin for a D7 visa.
  4. Entry to Portugal on a D7 visa. 
  5. Registration with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) to apply for a residence permit with SEF. Submitting an application by appointment. 
  6. Obtaining a residence permit. Once the application is approved, the residence permit is sent by mail to a registered address in Portugal within one or two months.

Option 2: Golden Visa

A Portuguese residence permit for investment or "Golden Visa" is issued to foreign citizens from non-EU countries who purchase real estate in Portugal for a certain amount, invest in a business, investment fund, or make donations.

The Golden Visa of Portugal is in great demand among investors who want to combine obtaining a residence permit in an EU country with a profitable investment.
In addition, the investor is not required to have permanent residence in Portugal. Living in Portugal for only 7 days a year is sufficient.
Since 01.01.2022, new investment criteria for obtaining a Golden Visa of Portugal are in effect.

Investment options

  • Real Estate - from 280 000 € to 500 000 €
  • Business - 500,000 € + creation of 5 full-time permanent jobs for at least 3 years. Or create 10 new full-time jobs
  • Investment fund — 500,000 €. Financial contribution to research and development — 500,000 €
  • Capital transfer — €1.5 million. Сharitable donation to the preservation of national heritage, art, and culture – 250 thousand €

Option 3: Start-up visa

The main criteria for a startup in Portugal:

  • Innovativeness and usefulness of a startup project.
  • The applicant must have the skills and potential to manage the team.
  • Availability of sufficient financial resources for a startup.
  • Self-sufficiency of the project and creation of new jobs.
  • The Portuguese immigration program for granting startup visas to companies has no time limits — you can apply at any time of the year. It can be issued in Portuguese or English and sent online via a special form on the official website.

Option 4: Work immigration

EU Blue Card

The "EU Blue Card" is a residence permit that allows its owner to live and engage in highly qualified activities/work in Portugal.

Blue Card Requirements

  • Confirmation of an official employment relationship with a Portuguese Company
  • Availability of relevant diplomas and qualifications, academic degrees.
  • Indicating a salary that is not less than the average economic level of the given professional profile in Portugal.
  • No criminal record in the country of citizenship.
  • Health insurance valid in Portugal.

Option 5: Family reunion

Family members of citizens of Portugal and other EU countries, as well as foreigners legally residing in the country, can emigrate to Portugal on this basis.

Family members eligible for reunion:

  • spouse;
  • minor children and children of the spouse, including foster children;
  • family members who are objectively unable to take care of themselves due to their health condition and are under custody;
  • parents and parents of a spouse who are financially dependent on the applicant and over 65 years of age, if they have a place of residence in Portugal.