How to get a residence permit in Turkey 2022?

How to get a residence permit in Turkey 2022?

If you want to move to Turkey, you probably have already thought about how to get legal and permanent residence in this country and receive social bonuses. 
Surely, many have heard that the easiest way is to apply for a residence permit. 
In this article, we will discuss the 3 available ways to obtain the card, as well as all the ups and downs of each approach. 

At the moment, there are many fears associated with obtaining a Turkish residence permit. 
Russians are not given the card at all since February, or they are given, but only in certain regions; it is better not to settle in the other regions at all…
People in Facebook groups can give you quite a long talk about that. These groups seem to be designed to help, but for some reason the community in them is trying to dissuade you from moving. They say they did it, but you won't succeed at all.
What to say? Don't mind them! After all, Telegram has a lot of cool chats and channels where the Russian-speaking community in Turkey will help you in all matters. In particular, the community will give clues, share its experience in obtaining a residence permit, inspire, and support. You can join below and get advice on all interesting issues:

Residence permits for Russians are still issued, and in some cases they do it quite quickly. 
So, what are the ways to get the desired card?
It’s a fairly common option, but not the most profitable. Why? 
In order to officially conclude a lease agreement, the apartment payment is necessary to fulfill: double monthly rent (double at best), real estate agent’s rate, all utilities, and agreement notarization. This is just a small list of costs. The thing is, in Turkey there is a concept of yabAnji — a visitor, a foreigner. 

Turks consider Russians to be well-off enough, therefore, they will try to charge you as much as possible — especially in the current period of high demand. 
For example, a real estate agent may ask you to pay the full monthly cost of rented housing, or even one-and-a-half cost. And the owner of the apartment will demand the payment for 3-6 months in advance. 

And it will not include payment for the last month, when you will be able to live free-of-charge. There is no such notion as a returned deposit amount.

Option two: obtaining a residence permit based on an invitation from a Turkish citizen. This is the most unpopular option, which is suitable, well, for women who come to live with their boyfriends or husbands. 

In fact, a Turkish citizen register you in his apartment and writes a guarantee for you. And believe us, they will demand a decent amount from you for this. 

Option three is the most convenient. Contact a company that will collect all the documents and submit them for a residence permit. In this case, you will not be required to do anything except copies of the main documents, photos, and a waiting period. Such service will cost about 200 to 300 dollars. This will save your nerves and time much more effectively. In addition, the chances of granting a residence permit does not depend on whether you will collect the documents yourself, or the company will do it.
According to Turkish law, a request for a residence permit can be processed for up to six months. But! The good news is that it is issued much earlier, because if you have applied for a residence permit, you can legally stay within the state for the entire period. The official 90 days do not include this period. The least number of days, during which the application will be processed, is not regulated. According to the reviews of Russian relocators, it can be 4 days, 2 weeks, a month. It all depends solely on your luck. 

Moreover, you can collect the documents for applying for a residence permit without outside help. The checklist of the documents and useful tips is compiled on the website /.

However, we warn you again that it is better to pay $ 200 and use the help to save your nerves and time. You can find help freely through Google, and Turkish Russian-speaking community’s Telegram chats will be happy to recommend to you trusted assistants. 
So, everything is easier than it might seem. Good luck in a new country!