Why is Dubai a top city to move to?

Why is Dubai a top city to move to?

The Arab Emirates attract citizens of Russia and the CIS countries by its climate, comfort, economic stability and reliability. But what is behind the desire not just to come to Dubai or Abu Dhabi on vacation, but to move there to live? 

Citizens of the CIS countries usually go to the Emirates for several reasons:

➤ One reason is the climate. From September to May the weather in the UAE, and specifically in Dubai, remains very comfortable. Another decisive factor is the proximity to the sea.

➤ The ease of opening a business also attracts many foreigners. In addition, in Dubai there is the following system: before allowing to launch a new enterprise in the Emirates, analysts certify whether the businessman will be able to run it. The potential entrepreneur must make a business plan and keep in mind that the payment of the annual license must be made in advance: if something does not work out, you just lose money. This makes many people more responsible about starting their own business.

➤ The almost complete absence of taxes is also one of the reasons. In June 2023, the country will introduce a corporate income tax, but now most companies are exempt from this obligation. Businesses pay only 5 percent VAT, but this rate is very low compared to other countries.

➤ The leading request was and still is for investment. In this case, buyers are divided into two categories. Representatives of the first category want to make a long-term investment, and representatives of the second want to buy an object in the initial stage of construction and resell it at the end of the construction process, thus earning the difference in value. The motivation for both is a safe investment.

➤ The United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries in the world and one of the most loyal to foreigners. Immigrants account for 88% of the country's population, and eight out of ten jobs in the country are held by expats. The state actively promotes the creation of new jobs and tries to attract wealthy foreigners and skilled professionals to the country. So, adjustments and various bonuses are often added to the migration policy.

For example, in 2022, in addition to the usual tourist visa in the UAE a five-year multi-entry tourist visa appeared, which allows the holder to stay in the Emirates for up to 90 days. It can be extended for a similar period, provided that the total period of stay in the country does not exceed 180 days a year.

And the UAE has also introduced a number of new types of visas for different purposes:
  • Job Search Visa
  • Business entry visa
  • Temporary Work Permit
  • Study Entry Permit
  • Entry clearance to visit relatives or friends